Monday, August 13, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life #1

  So I'm going to start this weekly thing called "Notes From My Personal Life" which is basically just a breakdown of my day and my random thoughts that go along with it. Let's hope I'll be consistent about this.
Dafuq am I doing with mah life

* Finally presented my report on INPOGEO about the geopolitics of pandemics, through film analysis of "Contagion". I think I was dying halfway through the presentation because I lack sleep but I managed to use up the time in class for my entire report. Now that's out of the way, time to work on the written report. Note: this class presentation was suppose to be done by pairs but my partner conveniently dropped the class. Not that I'm complaining. I prefer to work on my own, frankly.

Meanwhile, inside my head...

*Lunch with Sam, Rara, and Aly at Mashitta! For some reason today, the woman at the counter seemed quite grumpy: raising her eyebrows, letting out sighs of frustration, and exhibiting signs of PMS. We're not sure why, but it's not Mashitta's best day today. Our food took forever (food's still awesome though), especially Sam's order.
 Rara: inuusok muna nila para mawala yung masamang espiritu. ("They're smoking it to get rid of the evil spirit.")

  It was nice to be finally back to the groove of the academic life, despite the pressure and stress. I think I hadn't had a good laugh since last week when I was watching episodes of Chowder.

*It was great seeing Jam and Trish after weeks of not seeing them (Jam, especially, who's always anticipating suspension of classes til now hahahaha).

*Sir Rehal's jokes fall into two categories: corny, and so corny it's funny. He's still one of my favorite professors. He recommends the movie "The Dictator." I wonder if I can watch that via online streaming. I have my sources.
Yeah, that's teh lolz

*Finally got a manicure after forevaaaaaarrr! My mom says I should learn to do my own manicures but I kid you not when I say it's one of my few luxuries in life. It's uber relaxing and it's one of the few activities that actually help me stop thinking about things I have to do. So cheers to manicures! I got mine done at B.A.R. in the 3rd floor of the University Mall.

You may not have a cookie.
*Fell asleep in the MRT on my way home. I dunno, must be my monthly thing getting to me or the fact that I got so worked up on my classes this morning.

*For dinner: garden salad and a slice of chocolate cake. I'm not on a diet. It's just I'm stuffed from the Miso Ramen I had for lunch. It's really heavy on the stomach so I'm gonna take it easy this evening. FREAKING OUT BECAUSE CHOCOLATE CAKE. I am just thankful that 7-11 has healthy meals and pastas because a.) I suck at the kitchen and b.) going to the grocery and buying food to stock up on is kind of wasteful because much of the vegetables go untouched and have a short life span.

* And now wise words from nerdfighter/writer/YouTube sensation John Green. "An Open Letter to Students Returning to School"

John Green reminds us of the beauty and importance of education to reduce world-suck and to encourage individuals to make life better:
"The whole pleasure of being a human is in being stupid, but learning to be less stupid TOGETHER. But more important than that, you have to remember that school is not about you. School does not exist for your benefit or for the benefit of your parents. Schools exist for the benefit of me. The reason I pay taxes for school... is that I am better off in a well-educated world."

DFTBA guise.

*Not enough facepalms for Sen. Sotto during his recent speech about the Reproductive Health bill. IDEK. I'm beginning to feel that there are more idiots in the government than I imagined. Love the Philippines. Hate the public officials. HELLO DO THE SOARING MATERNAL DEATH RATES NOT CONCERN YOU AT ALL WHAT RESEARCH HAVE YOU DONE FOR THIS BILL. I can't guise, I just can't.

* Any of you guise can relate to this? XD

Source: via Joelle on Pinterest

 Yes, intelligence is muy caliente, yes.


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