Monday, August 20, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life #2

Saturday outfit
      Last Saturday, my older brother had red eye so he asked me a favor: I had to go to ESA (Entrepreneurs School of Asia, where I spent my first college year) and file his LOA and enrollment documents for his visa application and interview on Thursday.

     I realized that people in my building and within the area are too familiar with my style.  When I was buying snacks at the 7-11 across my building, the cashier asked me (well, more of stated) if I loved wearing boots. HELL YEAH I DO. I have two pairs of suede boots, though one pair needs to be repaired. And I like wearing my heart-pattern rain boots on rainy days. If someone would give me a budget alloted to boots, I will take friggin' advantage of it and buy boots of all kinds.

 It's an obsession really. If I can wear boots with a ball gown, I WOULD.


If some people are obsessed with Nike shoes, and some collect Converse, I want a closet full of boots regardless of the brand.


Launch of Teenpreneur Challenge
      When I got to ESA after lunch, I realized they were holding the annual Teenpreneur Challenge, wherein they invite high school students around Metro Manila to participate in a 14-week challenge of turning- or significantly improving simple products (usually owned and produced by people from Gawad Kalinga) into an actual, productive business. They'll learn how to market, package, produce,make product proposals,  and sell these products, all for the benefit of people for Gawad Kalinga. I'm not sure how many years Teenpreneur has been going on but I can honestly say it has gone a lonnng way and it has definitely improved. On November, the students will start selling their products via tiangges at SM Megamall. Hope I can drop by when that comes around. The students were enthusiastic, and some of them actually have already joined the Teenpreneur challenge before.

 During the orientation of the high school students, the director of the school, Sir Ed Silva (all-around man and one of my favorite profs), gave a talk on entrepreneurship, on how anyone can undertake a business as long as one has commitment and originality, even with little or no capital. Great talk. Sir Ed cited local entrepreneurs, and even ESA graduates.
   One of the graduates he mentioned is one of my best friends in the school, who I have nicknamed Booty. She graduated with honors and Sir Ed mentioned that she made over almost 2 million pesos with her subcontracting business for sportswear brands in her first year in the business. I was holding myself back coz I was swelling with pride and I might've yelled "THAT'S MAH GURLL!!"

 After the talk, I was able to talk to him about my brother's documents and he was a big help in the process. I got to see some old faces, even an old classmate who had already graduated and runs a business with her sister. I was inspired and now I'm trying to figure out what business opportunities I can pursue in the future.

 On my way home, since I had to go through Gateway to get to the train, I stopped by Bread Talk to buy some bread for mi familia because I was pretty sure my mom and my little bro had already arrived from the province.

Guise, I swear: Bread Talk = Bread porn.

Apart from this, there are loaves and loaves of bread sitting on the surrounding shelves. I'm like "so what happens if there are leftovers of the bread they produced?"

Can't remember what pastries and breads these were but I can tell you that my mom and bro finished everything.


Last Friday, at Greenhills with Dani, we browsed at baking tools and ingredients at Gourdo's in Promenade. If it weren't for Dani, I wouldn't know that people sold different colors of icing packaged like how people sold paints in art stores.

Icings, sprinkles, and packaging.

I seriously thought I was in an art store.

  Speaking of art, my relatives from states who saw my recent artworks actually want me to sign my paintings  so they could take it with them when they go back home. I don't have plans to let go of these paintings until some of them makes it to an exhibit and hello, I want to sell these babies because I really should start earning from this beloved hobby of mine. Fact: I need to feed myself too, you know. And I will need to be able to buy more materials in the future. Apparently, one of my mom's friends, a prominent judge in the province, has asked me to create a painting for her (or him? I forgot) and that person is willing to pay me to make my own interpretation of real justice. I smell a commission.


It's nice having my family over for the long weekend. Sure, my brothers drive me nuts sometimes and my mom is still obsessed with our approach in housecleaning, but at least I'm not lonely.
There are moments when I'm just by myself in the condo, nothing but the humming from the CPU while I'm browsing the web or working on a project and I just feel like:

Enjoy the long weekend, guys! :D


  1. Let's go to Italy someday and buy all the perfect boots, please?


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