Monday, August 27, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life # 3: I Feel Like A Whale

Dani taking a pic with her iPad.
When I woke up, around almost 11am, I received a text from Raph saying that Dani and I should meet up at GH so he could pick us up from there. I asked him what time, and he said soon. Coz he was already on the way there from Katipunan. LOL I JUST WOKE UP LOL. And it takes me an hour to get ready so I was like a maniac flying around the condo, trying not to panic.

 It was great to see Dani and Liza. Especially Liza since her phone doesn't want her to have a social life for the past few weeks.

Pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, Asian salad, and pasta.

So we all went to Raph's place for his extremely belated birthday celebration for his photography project. His dad greeted us as we all went in. He was finishing up on the food he was preparing for the celebration. It was quite sweet that they actually agreed to help Raph with everything. They even bought cheesecake and apple pie for dessert.

  We marveled at the food first, taking pictures (I call it Instagram moment, even though we don't really Instagram.) There was that funny moment when Dani went to the restroom. She walked in on Raph's dad who was (thankfully) just washing his hands.

Asian salad is muy delicioso

We attacked the food (at least that's what it felt like) and we stuffed ourselves silly, complimenting the dad for the Asian salad. While eating, each younger Valdes brother would come down to grab a slice of pizza or grab some dessert. 

Dani and Liza each have their own commentary about the brothers. Yes, Joaquin makes Raph look healthy for his weight. 

Raph doin' first slice.


Quality people in mah life.

It is agreed that we can eat Asian salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's that good and healthful.

LOL balanced diet LOL

  We made room for dessert, of course.
Oreo cheesecake got violated.

 It baffles me how Raph is able to sit on an oreo cheesecake while still inside its package. For some reason, I find it to be a very Raph thing to do. I can only imagine the chaos that ensued when it happened. Too bad I wasn't there. XD It should be considered a skill to be this derp.

 Funny thing was, the girls showed me the cake and we nearly forgot to put it in the refrigerator. Yeah, we just opened the cake box, laughed at it, and left it at that. As if the cheesecake wasn't banged up enough already. Hurhurhur.

Apple pie! I never got to try it coz I was already full. :(

Dani and Liza resuscitating the oreo cheesecake before serving.

Hello, cheesecake. You'll be more comfortable in my digestive system.

   Lorri arrived just after we were done with dessert. We all went upstairs to just derp and chill in Raph's room while watching random YouTube videos and Adventure Time. In between, we'd grab a slice of pizza or a slice of cheesecake. So yes, imagine, four of us girl lounging around in his room with Raph being the only guy there. I can only imagine what his 'rents are thinking though generally they're cool with it. His mom did come in for a moment and said, "I hope you'll get a good grade for your project with all these beautiful ladies!" Trolololol.

  We were all bonding when one of Raph's cousins, Marco, dropped by to give something back to the Valdes bros. The look on his face is priceless when we called him to come in. XD


 Lorri, I'm sorry I forgot to take pictures of you! XD

Well, gotta go and review for my finals now. A bit of catching up to do.

I forgot to mention that Dani managed to talk Raph into testing an eyeliner on him while they were waiting at GH. He looked fabulooous.


  1. Oreo cheesecake!!

    Now I'm hungry. I'll call it a tie. LOL.

  2. I am glad you did not take pictures of me. Ugh, pictures.

    Also, Happy Birthday Raph! Happy pimpin' party lol.


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