Thursday, August 30, 2012

Evening treat at Oat Square

Rainy evening here in Tomas Morato ave. 
     After Angie dropped me off in front of Il Terrazzo in Tomas Morato, I noticed this little place across Il Terrazo called Oat Square. It was already 9pm but fortunately the place was still open so I decided to pop in and see what this store offered because I found it fascinating that someone decided to undertake a business that focused on oat-based drinks and cookies. Let me tell you, in a place that's teeming with milk tea cafe's, Oat Square definitely stood out in Tomas Morato. Their soft opening began Aug. 8 and it's still ongoing.

  It's a tiny place so there's only enough room inside for customers to order and then get their drinks or snacks on-the-go. Then again, this place just opened so I'm hoping that they'll expand at some point to accommodate customers who are looking for a place to chill without resorting to Starbucks or milk tea cafes.

     Their drinks range from Php50- Php80, depending on the size and if you wanna have classis, fruity, or premium drinks. You can also opt on how much sweetness you want in your drink. They also sell boxes of different kinds of oatmeal cookies (I was standing there thinking I've died and went to oatmeal heaven though I didn't have extra money to buy a box) and oat bars. They also have these HOPS (healthy oat pops) for only Php 45. The friendly cashier said something along the line of "ice cream without the guilt." Are you kidding, oats in ice cream? I'm sold. I shall come back to try those pops.

Php135 for a box of 8.

Pinboard of ravin' comments.

  I ordered a 12 oz. Choco Banana premium drink, sat down at one of the two small tables outside overlooking the avenue and Il Terrazo and almost forgot to take a picture of the drink (oh, Instagram culture) because WOW I never knew oats would be such a great combination for fruit drinks. It gives the drink a smoothie-like consistency and it doesn't feel like I'm overloading my system with sugar coz it's how I usually feel with Starbucks or even milk tea. I'm usually quite "meh" about these things but Oat Square definitely gives fruit drinks a unique and delightful twist.

Choco banana goodness

So yeah, it was a wonderful rainy treat. Can one consume too much oat and fiber in their system?

 I went back inside to grab a flyer and leave a comment at their pin board.

And according to their official website, Oat Square is offering franchising opportunities.

 Next on my list when I get back at Oat Square (which is just 5 mins. away from my place) is the Strawberry premium drink. Wonder how that would taste.


  1. This place definitely sounds cool. Will try it out one of these days.

    1. I kid you not when I said it's tiny. But the drinks are love. ♥

  2. I wanna gooooo!!! :)) Let's spend a day like gallavanting around Metro Manila. So many places up north I have yet to go!!!!!!!!!!!!


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