Thursday, August 2, 2012


    While hanging out with Angie at Exile (a hipster-ish resto near school), I ordered the Y Tu Mama Brownie on their menu. It's more fudge than brownie and I have a feeling it has clogged an artery or two upon consumption. Oh well. YOLO. It has Dutch cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate chips. I NEED ANOTHER ONE.


Aminals!! :D There are cats and dogs near the back entrance of our school, probably owned by one of the street people who frequently hang out there. I don't know if they just like the idea of keeping them as pets or they might  actually raise them as food (yes, que horror, I know) so I make it a point to pet them whenever I pass them by.

Gatos gatos gatos. 

My friend Tonichi was horrified when I pet these guys. "Aren't you afraid you'll get mange?"
Me: "Not really. Coz YOLO." 
I dunno. I just really love cats and dogs, regardless of their breed.

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