Friday, August 17, 2012

Spirituality, Ships, and More Brownies

Wild pony-tailed Angie appears!

  Yesterday, after my date with Nafnaf at Exile, I met up with Raph and asked him where he wanted to eat. He wanted Exile. LOL. So yeah. Technically, I've been at Exile for what, 6 or 7 hours?? Insanity.

  There's something about that place that is so chill that you can just have friends there with you and you could eat and talk for HOURS. Pretty soon, Ysa, Lorri, Remil, and Angie followed.

 At one point when we were just talking and throwing out ideas, we marveled at the differences between the Valdes brothers and the famous portrait sketches at their house that was fitting for a soap opera and decided it would only make sense to make some sort of film for the them entitled "Los Hermanos Ascalon-Valdes" complete with Carlos dressed up in a Spanish costume and sombrero, singing for the show's intro.

I ship this one too.
Amidst nachos and rice meals, we started to ship Blanche with the youngest Valdes, Joaquin. Joaquin is the quiet, loner-type kid who can play video games for hours. Blanche is the uber-affectionate, outspoken, adorable friend of ours who can bear-hug you out of the blue if she wanted to.

 Then we started to plan their "chance meeting" because it is fate for them or something along that line. (Yes, those things must be planned too)

Remil and Ysa

 It could already be the iced tea talking or the food, but I SHIP IT SO MUCH. ♥ Weird thing was Raph was OK with it. XD

Another thing we talked about was that Angie decided to get Lorri as her assistant for future make-up artist gigs. She has to learn the basics by practicing with one guy and one girl. So it has been assumed that Carlos will be the guy, and I had volunteered to be ze girl.


 When we've calmed down from all the ship and the brotherhood of the Valdeses, Angie brought up the topic of religions and has formed her own theory about the divine workings of the universe.

See, this is why I like hanging out with these people for hours because the topic can jump from wedding ideas, to ships, to movies, to ZAG, to life crises, to manga, to religions, to New Age, to current issues, and to the divine blueprint of the universe.

Exi the guardian/mascot overlooking the place.

Ship ship ship.


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Have an awesome long weekend, everyone!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :)) But yeah: that makes PERFECT SENSE (Joaquin x Blanche).

  2. And so begins the conflict of whether to move on or fall behind with my feelings skjdvskldn

    Can't wait to meet him, though!! :D

  3. "this iced tea glass is so wise..." suggested caption for the second to the last pic. oh and Joaquin is the second youngest Mando is the youngest and the fattest.

    1. Lol I wonder who this is o___O Ysa? haha you don't sound like Ysa though.


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