Friday, August 17, 2012

Sugar, Spice, and Brownies.

Doing it ala mode style with Y Tu Mama Brownie from Exile

Today, I met up with my sistah from anotha motha Nafnaf at Exile. Well, we just swapped life stories because we haven't hung out since forevaaaaaaar. I love her to bits. When she told me she was dating someone, I was just like:
I feel like I've been living under a rock.
   So she told me how they met and when they first went out. I swear to God I almost hurt myself- and her- from ALL THE FEELS because MAH GURL DESERVES AN AWESUM GUY OHMYGLOB. I couldn't eat properly from all the kilig and excitement because SHE'S SO PRECIOUS ASKHDKSFH

After lunch, she asked me if I still had time to kill. I had a lot of free time so she told me that her boy would be coming by.

Must. Resist. Flipping. Tables.

God, they're so adorable. They're going to watch the Maroon 5 concert next month.

So yeah, I got to meet Gio. He's a bit softspoken at first but he's great once he warms up to you. Their courses are relatively similar because it covers the field of Psychology and OMG GUISE there was one point in the conversation they were psycho-analyzing one another. I SHIP IT SO MUCH. ♥



  I asked Nafnaf how she and her family dealt with the recent monsoon floods. She said they were OK but the area around them was flooded so they had no means of going beyond their vicinity which meant she and her brother were nearly driven to insanity just being stuck at home. It came to a point when she started falling asleep at random times, losing her sense of time. The breaking point was when her brother bursted in her room and blurted, "WHATMOVIESDOYOUHAVEINYOUR LAPTOP?"
Her: What time is it?

This cat's nonchalance is palpable.

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