Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trash Talk

Infographic from Project85

 A few months ago, I made a blog post about my borderline, psychotic hatred for litter and litterbugs, and I'm pretty sure people all over Northern Luzon saw the effects of environmental pollution for the past week. Storm drains and canals were just bursting with so much garbage, post-crisis. Today, I noticed all these urban planners suddenly being interviewed in the media. I'm like, "where were these guys before this happened? Where were they after Ondoy happened?"

Garbage blocked rescue efforts the other night.
Many cities are under state of calamity, though the rain has stopped and some roads are already deemed passable. I'll be making a proper blog post about post-crisis lessons soon.

For the meantime, contemplate over this article: Floods in PH man-made disaster, say experts.

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