Saturday, September 8, 2012

Baking and Friendship

  Yesterday, I spent a chunk of my late afternoon and evening at Liza's place for baking oatmeal cookies with her and Dani. Raph and Joaquin were there too, so at some point we had our girl bond time in the kitchen and the guys had their man-bonding in the dining room talking about manly things. Because men. (Insert sexist joke here.)

Liza and Dani: Flour-puff girls.

   I've always wanted to learn how to bake except I don't have much skills in the kitchen plus we don't have an oven. Though Liza and Dani assured me that a toaster oven works just as good as an ordinary oven: I just  have to keep a closer watch at whatever I'm baking and that I'd end up making smaller batches because of its size. Good enough for someone who plans to experiment with baking. I am newb.

Ingredients on standby.

  Liza looooves oatmeal cookies. We happen to share the same love for it, thus our bonding time over it. Liza also has her own blog about food and healthy living. She studied French in school, thus the blog title Faim Erudit. You can check out her blog and you may contact her there if you want to know where she got the recipe for the oatmeal cookies.

The recipe called for refined sugar but we decided to be more badass by using muscovado  sugar instead.


  In between all the kneading and placing the dough in the baking pan, we sipped on Dani's concoction of Bailey's Mint Chocolate with a dash of fresh milk. Gruhhhh. It's heavenlyyy. Best served chilled. We also talked about life choices, relationships (cue Dani squealing "I'm so lonely." as she vicariously lives her love life with other people's relationships LOL) and tried to guess what manly topic the guys were talking about outside the kitchen.
   Our guesses were correct: computer games and alcohol. And there's an agreement that even if Tequila Rose is a very feminine drink, it's a great drink regardless the gender of the drinker.

Cookie dough

  That awesome moment when you get to eat the cookie dough. Cookie doooough. We didn't have enough butter for the whole thing which meant the cookies wouldn't melt into a typical cookie shape whilst in the oven so we actually had to squish the cookie dough balls to get it right.

First batch.
 The cookies we made that day didn't last three hours upon serving.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't get to take any home for your mom, but rest assured next time we will make MORE batches! :) Haha yesterday was such a good day! More repeats!

    xo Liza

  2. P.S. "Flour-puff girls".. hrhr, I see what you did there.

    1. Saw what I did there?? :D Hahahaha, yes more repeats please! And Bailey's will be our baking companion.

  3. Wow. This made me want to be something very, very badly. =))


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