Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Les Miserables: Live Singing

   Can we take a minute (or 4 mins. for this matter) to appreciate that this Les Miserables film used the unconventional route of having the actors/actresses sing live the lovely songs of this musical during the filming. No wonder I thought there was something unique about the Les Mis trailer when it first came out. I thought, 'it seems like Anne Hathaway is singing this live instead of having recorded the thing in the studio' because the emotions were very raw and the pace more natural and internal. But I brushed off the thought until this YouTube vid came out. I was like "goddamn shit ballsacks this is brilliant."

 I started spazzing out when this vid showed shots of Samantha Barks (who plays the spunky, naive, and tragic Eponine) singing "On My Own" live during a take. FUCK SHE STILL SOUNDS AWESOME LIVE I CAN'T EVEN.

 Replay button, don't fail me now.

 Sacha Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter play the Thernardiers. I wish they also got featured in this video piece. GRUHHH. Brilliant casting is brilliant.

I just thank God that they didn't have Nick Jonas play as Marius again.

 I had Jepoy watch the 25th anniversary concert of Les Mis, the one where Samantha Barks and Nick Jonas sing "A Little Fall of Rain." Jepoy was like, "this is painful to watch." BAHAHA.

 Les Miserables was to have its premiere in the US on Dec. 14 but was recently moved to Christmas Day. Which means the screening here in the Philippines will be January 2013 after the accursed Manila Film Festival. GOD WHY.

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