Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I've been wanting to write this particular blog post for a long time but I've been delaying it because I was afraid I'd get carried away emotionally. Now that I have mental clarity about it, here is my rant about our metro's train lines.


     We all know- or at least those who commute regularly by train- what a charming experience it is to tolerate a lot of flack with this transportation system and dealing with the general population that also uses it. The fact that LRT1 can smell spectacularly similar to a public restroom or the other metro line decides to be moody and stop running altogether. Security measures absolutely do zilch to prevent people from carrying firearms or sharp objects, I might as well go through our airport security system to get slightly different results.

  Half of the time, it's people that piss me off when I commute by MRT/LRT. It's like they've no idea how to behave in public transportation systems to begin with.

Here is my personal rule when commuting by train:

 As long as you are in general good health, with no disability or serious medical conditions, give up your seat for a.) pregnant women, b.) people with children, c.) senior citizens, d.) people with disabilities,e.)women in heels two inches or higher. and f.)people carrying shopping bags or luggage. Hey, it's good karma. There was one time I was in an MRT coach filled with men and I was the only woman there. Until this old lady came in. For a good five minutes, none of the guys bothered to give up their seat. The old lady was obviously  tired and seemed stressed out so I gave her mine. She gave me the sweetest smile, I just wanted to hug her.

Incoming LRT1 at Edsa Station

* Magnetic card tickets: Some commuters have this disgusting habit of using the tickets to dig the dirt from underneath their fingernails and/or wipe their sweaty necks with it. Some parents think it's cute if they let their kids play with it or put it in their mouths. WTF guise, those tickets are practically public property at least respect the reason why you have it- to get in and out of train platforms. It is not a manicure tool, it is not a towelette, and it sure hell isn't a pacifier. Christ.

*I have a problem with people, particularly men, who commute by train while wearing undershirts or sandos. Fine, wear them when you're just making tambay at your place or when you're chilling at your nearest sari-sari store but at least throw on a shirt if you're going beyond your territory.

*Dear security guard at the Edsa station- calm the fuck down with your bullhorn. It's stressful enough to think about commuting. We don't need you yollering the entire time we're on the platform.

*There's a special hell reserved for pervs who feel women up especially in a crowded train. It's a hell where all trains will never stop at your station and your balls shrivel up like prunes.

*It is never cool to lose one's cool during commute. Ok, I gotta admit the spontaneous catfights or brawls inside the train or at the station breaks the humdrum of commuting but it's ultimately more inconvenient on everyone's part and God knows what would happen if somebody breaks a bone or something.


  1. I know what you mean. Sons of themselves! (Didn't wanna say bitches, cause I don't wanna get anyone's mamma involved) hayyyyy. Keav loses his cool a lot on the train. He gets angry and tells people off a lot. I wish I could do that. I usually just smush myself agaisnt the well. Gaddammmmmmmmmmmmet.

    1. LOL SONS OF THEMSELVES. I'm too Zen when I commute most of the time but there are days it gets too stressful.


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