Monday, September 3, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life # 4

Working out.

In which I remind myself to push harder on some days at the same time I have to remind myself my body has to recover. Must. Push. Past. Comfort zone. And I have a confession guys: I like sweating it out everytime I work out. It's like physical proof of my labor. XD

Basically what I tell myself when some workouts get extremely challenging.


Quality poem is quality.

Source: via Joelle on Pinterest


Source: via Joelle on Pinterest

I miss watching this movie because bromance. I mean, think about it. They were bromantic before Brother Bear came along. And it's the only movie that has llamas. LLAMAS.


John Green. I love you. You are one of the coolest human beings walking on this planet.
Being a nerd, I am allowed to be crazy enthusiastic about stuff I like. You may tell me I hype things much or I am such a fangirl but at least I'm honest about it. It's funny coz Carlos can't stop spazzing out about John Green's "Looking For Alaska" and Raph's just like "shut up Carlos, just shut up!" And just the other night, Wina chatted me up on FB telling me all her feels about the characters and the story.

It is agreed that we ship Raph with one of the characters in the story named Takumi.

You can't catch the mother-effin' fox.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! This entry made my day. So funny. :))

    1. Exercise: I feel the same way. I love the feeling during yoga when the sweat just drips onto the floor it's like "YESSSS!!!!!!!" =))))

    2. Quality Poem: HELLZYEAH =))

    3. John Green: Oh my god. Paper Towns is very good as well. It's not as heavy as Looking for Alaska (which gains it minus points I think because I'm a pretty melancholic person deep down hahaha) but it's interesting in it's own way. I am going to follow his YouTube channel after writing because I feel like I'm never going to get outta there if I do it before hahahaha

    1. I have recently realized how out of shape I am. XD DEFY ALL THE GRAVITY.

      Poems are hard. Bacon.

      I love all of John Green's books, though Paper Towns gave me different kinds of feels. The characters there are so trolololol. XD YES you must follow his youtube channel, he hosts it with his brother Hank Green. :D

  2. Know that you are not alone, my dear. I personally adore sweating it out in general. Feels good. Intense, blood-pumping, total body burn.

    I realize that may have sounded weirdly sexual even though I hadn't meant it to be o_O


    1. Which is why I don't like going to gyms that have their airconditioning on full blast. I'm all "WHAT'S THE POINT"

  3. Replies
    1. When you're done with finals and papers, you must read Looking For Alaska. Or Paper Towns. Though you'll find the Takumi character in the former. :D


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