Monday, September 24, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life # 7

*Let me start off by saying that GRUH I'M SO JELLY. My brother has left for Europe with his bestfriend last Friday. They'll be there for a month.Their company sent them for their trade show in Germany and they'll be going to Paris, Belgium, and Holland in between.

* Meanwhile, my li'l bro and I were living it up at the province. Apparently, he wants to be a pilot. I do believe he can do anything but I'm concerned with his current relationship with his math and science subjects.
My brother's not tiptoe-ing. He's really tall.
Weirdness is genetic, it seems.
* My mum was rummaging through the old clothes and found this. I forgot who gave it to me or where it came from but I remember wearing this when I was in high school whenever I'm working on a painting. I wore it simply to get my mindset out of the left-brain orientation and just approach art with childlike enthusiasm and just go with whatever feels right. It works! I wear it occassionally.

It has pockets!


*In case you're wondering, yes I'm still working out. The goal at the moment is bulk up to 120 lbs of muscle mass. Real goal is 130 lbs. but I'm taking it nice and easy. I'm 115 lbs at the moment but I can guarantee you that working out had also helped me sleep fitfully at night (goodbye, insomnia) and I am less lethargic. It has also helped me reassess my priorities. It's about making time, really. Even just 30 mins., 3 times a week.

*A final word.

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