Monday, September 24, 2012

Palm Reading, Friendship, and Opportunities.

I like how the straw is positioned in this picture. GUYS Y U SO ADORBS
 Today, I met up with Angie, Wina, and Raph at Taft because a.) I haven't seen my Taft friends for two weeks- which feels like forevaaaar, and b.) Wina had a proposition which involved my art cards. It's quite exciting really but that will be for another blog post this week.

 We just nommed at Exile while catching up and talking about nearly everything we can talk about. Our only problem with Exile is that the atmosphere is so chill that you have a tendency to forget that you have a bill to pay. Trololol.

Palm-reading. Also, I love Wina's hat.

  What we all have in common is how sometimes our parents don't really know how to deal with our weirdness. We're quite the oddballs sometimes and I suppose it's hard for the older generation to understand this. The fact is, we're all weird and strange in wonderful ways. We just happen to be more open about it, I guess. So yeah. Take that, society.

Angelique: Angie's hipster-ish, French alter-ego.
 We spent the entire afternoon just talking and LOL-ing all over the place. There was even a mini-palm reading session. I had Angie read mine again because I noticed there were some changes in the palm lines lately.  We talked about our friends' habits and quirks, movies, memes, anime', etc. Frankly, I just remember a lot of laughing and saying that Angie's legs could solve world hunger (she was wearing shorts, nyahaha.)

 After too many laughs and too much bottomless iced tea, Raph and I headed to Chubs' condo where we hung out with Chubz, Blanche, Luigi, Demi, etc. Even got to see Lorri before I left. My phone was quite low on batteries so I wasn't able to take more pictures. I GOT TO HEAR CHUBZ SING ZOMG AH LOVE HIS VOICE.

I am proud to say that these are my friends.

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