Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Random update is random.

 Gruhhh. Holding on to sanity. Because boredom.

 When I was at Taft yesterday, I bought old magazines at this magazine stand at the University Mall for my ACEOs that I've been planning to create. While I was browsing at the stand, there was this grumpy-looking, old gentleman talking to the lady tending the stall. He was conversing with her about books and when he saw me, he was like, "what about you, young lady, do you buy books in this stand?"

Me: (taken aback) Um... no? I haven't bought anything here.

Gentleman: You buy at National Bookstore right?

Me: Yes, usually.

G: What books do you read?

Me: Uh, recently I've been reading a lot of John Green's books.

G: What else? What about Hunger Games?

Me: Yes, I've read that too.

Then he barks at the lady to write down all of my recommendations. ( I also included Harry Potter and Perks of Being a Wallflower) Turns out the old man was going to take over the stand and plans to set up a mini-bookstore of some sort. I do hope he took my recommendations seriously- especially the John Green one. XD


This afternoon, I went down to 7-11 to grab some post-workout snacks for me and my mom. When I took the elevator up to my condo, there was this adorable toddler with her mom and nanny. She kept saying "hi" to me.

Little girl: Hi.

Me: Hi. I like your bike. (The girl's nanny was carrying it.)

Little girl: Hi.

(Elevator door stops and opens at my floor.)

Little girl: Bye.

Me: Bye.

Little girl: Bye.


I am excited to make ACEOs. Eri's digital ones are wonderful and I'm curious how the others' ACEOs will turn out.

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