Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taxi Issues

We like making taxi drivers nervous. Especially those refusing commuters like us.
    Let me share a little interesting taxi-related experience. Not-so-long-ago, my mom, sibs, and I traveled to Manila from the province by bus. We usually get off the Quezon Ave. bus stop, since it's closest to our place near Tomas Morato and there's usually a taxi terminal there. We usually travel by van but that time our private vehicle was in repair so we had to take a bus. We had a lot of luggage so my older brother and I rode in one taxi and went ahead, leaving my mom with my younger brother.

   It took them almost an hour to arrive after us in the condo since we're just 5 minutes away (if you use a car).  Turns out that the taxi they hailed, after all the luggage was in and they sat inside, the driver didn't want to use his taxi meter in the short trip and badgered my mom to just fork out more than usual. My mom has really thick skin and isn't intimidated by such things so she steps out of the taxi and demands the driver to take out the luggage from the trunk. While the entire charade was happening, a huge black pick-up truck pulled over and two men in black jackets asked what the problem was. They were guys from the MMDA, one of them said to be MMDA Chairman Tolentino's nephew who cursed up a storm and ordered his companion to immediately remove the taxi driver's license plate after my mom told him what happened. And that was around what, 6 in the morning?


    Last Friday, my mom and I arrived at the Q. Ave bus stop in the afternoon. We had a lot of luggage because my brother needed extra clothes for his trip to Europe that same day. The porters immediately swarmed us, much to our annoyance. My mom insisted that we just want a taxi that would use its meter because we live quite near. One of the porters asked how much we were willing to pay a taxi driver. We're like "are you serious??" We just said we want one that will use his meter.

The frustrating thing was, NOBODY WANTED TO USE THEIR TAXI METER.  There were SO many taxis at the taxi terminal but none of them wanted to give us a ride because they're too good enough for their taxi meters oh my lumpin' glob.

  So the picture above are the taxis just sitting there, waiting for gullible or desperate passengers who are willing to pay much more than they should. It's friggin' annoying because if they actually used their meters, they wouldn't spend so much time being idle. Coz when you're idle, you don't have passengers coming in to give you money. So now you're going to compensate for your money lost on your idle time by making people pay more than due? These guys are literally asking to be super counterproductive in their work.

 Guess what? If your taxi looks nice, smells nice, and if you're polite and attentive and you don't drive us in unnecessary routes and you don't choose your passengers, we'll do what we can to give an extra tip. Have you heard of a passenger complaining "God, you know what I hate in this city? Clean, polite, and ethical taxi drivers who give you your exact change."

End rant.

The porters still remember the incident when the taxi driver's license plate was removed on the spot. Apparently, it was a hoot of an event.


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