Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Seraph's Council

    My friend Dondi has finally put up a blog (I confess, it took awhile to convince him) and he added me as one of his co-bloggers! We've been chatting last night and it turns out a lot of our friends have been consulting him for fitness and health tips so he decided to put up a personal blog that generally talks about fitness, fashion, and food.

 Dondi has a way of making general readers understand body and fitness processes  using metaphors and simple terms like this blog post.

  I am not an expert/professional in any of those fields but I think it would be helpful for newbs or beginners if I blog about my newbie-some personal experience (not to mention struggles) with committing to a healthier and more active lifestyle. Also, it's a perfect excuse to post my fashion preferences when I feel like it. Mehehehe.

It would be cool if you could check out our blog: I hope you could follow it too and add to your reading list. Thanks guys. Don't worry, there will be random posts too about life and what not.

Gotta hit the gym now.

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