Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Makes You

 While I was on Twitter, I came across this website called What Makes You that generates what ingredients you're composed of when you type in your name for "diagnosis." Pretty interesting results came out and soon I was diagnosing all  my friends' names. MUHAHAHAHAHA. So much fun. Some were mindblowing and some are just plain funny. XD

Joelle is made of dreams, lemons and innocence. With a dash of gambling. (According to Jun, I'm living life on the edge. What.)

Angie is made of manga, silver, and soil. With a dash of video games.

Lorri is made of cherries, power, and control. With a dash of the 50's.

Jonnah is made of soup, cupcakes, and dedication. With a dash of Chemical X.

Wina is made of Techno, spinach, and lightning. With a dash of Photoshop. (Spinach what)

 Chengly is made of laughs, koalas, and neon. With a dash of Hentai. (HAHAHA Wina)

Carlos is made of chocolate, metal, and gullibility (HAHAHAHAHAHA). With a dash of Twitter.

Raph is made of wood, chocolate, and attention.With a dash of Armageddon. (HAHAHA ATTENTION. Can't. Stop. ROFL-ing.)

Ysa is made of dreams, strawberries, and Justice. With a dash of porn. (IT'S TOO PERFECT)

Remil is made of Pop, sapphires, and automobiles. With a dash of Holmes. (pop?? sapphires?? REMIL IS A GIRL)

Eri is made of webcomics, acid, and genius. With a dash of Batman.

Blanche is made of jade, crepes, and happiness. With a dash of flamethrowers.

Dani is made of salads, woman, and dedication. With a dash of Batman.


I wasn't able to include Olivia's because it's just waaaayyy off the mark with negative connnotations.


  1. Gullibility and attention LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    + Chocolate? They sure are brothas


  3. Replies
    1. I think yours was pretty accurate. XD

  4. Incidentally, Spinach is my favorite food. HAHAHAHA MUY DELICIOSOOOOOO. <33 And mmmm Chenglyyyyy hentai HHAHAHAHAAHA


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