Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yay Art Cards!

   As promised, here is my first set of ACEOs. All collage. I will make another collage art card batch soon though I'm already planning to use a different medium for the future batches. I'm deciding between watercolor and oil. My problem at the moment is how I should design the back of my art cards because I don't want to leave it bare with just a date, title and signature. LOL first world problems. Here you go!

ACEO #1: "Subtle"

Get Real? Subtle? Or Get Real Subtle? Nude rocker chick and Babushka dolls ftw. I think this was about identity. Guh. Can someone close-read my art cards.

*** *** *** ***

ACEO #2: "Make Yourself Over"
Random things that just look good together. Why do I call this art. Sometimes I'm afraid the way I think will come out- through these collages in particular.
*** *** *** ***

ACEO # 3: "Fierce"

"Coz we're yooooung and wiiiild and freeeee." LOLWUT. It's in our blood I suppose.

*** *** *** ***

ACEO #4: "Travel"

Gruh. So much love for this art card. Love the doodles and graphic details on this vehicle, I can't even.

*** *** *** ***
ACEO #5: "Dream"

 LOL IDEK. I like the contrast of cultural history and pop culture. I just imagine the little aliens going "pew pew pew pew."

*** *** *** ***
ACEO #6: "Bright"
  Because flying cow. Period.

*** *** *** ***
ACEO #7: "Existence"
"Existence is a bond to Earth's burdens-- a bondage, even to freedom itself."
I've tried Googling to see who originally came up with this quote and there's nothing. Still a great quote though. This is a personal favorite.

*** *** *** ***
ACEO #8: "Standout"
Oh look. My hippie side.

*** *** *** ***
ACEO #9: "Glow"

Aaand this one's for my girly side. I'm not a Vanessa Hudgens fan but she's literally glowing in this photo. Plus, she's not doing her duck face which she does when she's on the red carpet. Thank God.


I have Googled again to see if there are any Filipino artists doing these art cards and Google came up with my blog (awkwaaard) and this blog with a fantastic artist from La Union named Mall. When I saw her ACEOs, I just wanted to kill myself because her works are warm, fun, magical, and mindblowingly fantastic. I just wanted to crawl in a corner (hello, insecurity, move over) and just hate myself for even considering trying to make art cards a thing in the local artistic community. Can I just say that I am now a total fangirl of this artist. According to her blog, she had given a talk at De La Salle-College of St Benilde before. I want to meet her at the Bloom Arts Festival which is coming up on the 29th of this month!! GRUUHHHH FEELINGS.

Who else is planning to go to the Bloom Arts Festival? TAKE ME WITH THEE.


  1. I love all your ACEOs. ;; uhuhuhu. I'll make some actual ones soon.

  2. These are amazing, Joelle. :) I love the "Get Real/Subtle" one and the "Make Yourself Over" one. :D <33

    1. I'm getting emotionally attached to my art cards. I have to trade/sell them soon before it's too late. XD XD XD


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