Sunday, October 28, 2012

Derpin' at Komikon.

Komikon Loot.

Note to self: next Komikon, I must have extra cash.

Date: Oct. 27, 2012
Venue: Bayanihan Center

Loot inventory:

A copy of Wina's Mundane, Mundane plus freebies of stickers and an invitation to her book launch.
Copy of Trizha Ko's comic Impulse Overdrive.
Siomai Love comic by Rommel Estenislao a.k.a. Omeng (the pun hurts me 'til now).
A lovely art postcard by Kris Kang.
A doll head of Trese.


T'was a lovely afternoon for Komikon. I arrived there around 2pm and got to see my friends. My brothers and "half-brothers" were also there. I finally got my hands on Wina's literary work and was surprised that my name was at the acknowledgements section.
So touched OMG 
Hoozah, coz I gotta support mah girlfraaaan. (Cue Christian's fierce attitude with snapping fingers)

 It was also refreshing to see friends in a non-Taft location. When I got tired, I'd retreat literally behind Wina's booth and read a couple of her short stories. My personal favorite has to be the one entitled "Catching Up." It was fun just hanging around Wina's booth coz she and Trizha are both just cheerful and crazy people. Plus, I was pretty sure people gravitated to their stall because they were just so into it: talking to everyone, doing weird, random, funny things when crowds occasionally subside, and also endorsing their fellow Komikon artists' works beside them. Gotta love the energy.

Feel the luuurve.
I did enjoy it. :D

 So I ended up staying at Komikon longer than I originally planned. Oh, and Wina's stuff were practically sold out by the end of the event. So congratulations again, Wina-belles, Trizha-belles, for your successful Komikon debut!

You can order their books/comics at 

Komikon gave me a few ideas with what to do with my art cards for Wina's book launch so muhahaha.


  1. Why are you so swet!!!!!!!!!! Now I feel like cryin/jumping for joy D: D: D: :)) THANK YOU JOELLEBELLES!

    1. We should schedule a mini-celebration of your success that involves cake. XD


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