Monday, October 29, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life # 12

Mis hermanos y yo con libros de mis amigos. (Photo by Wina Puangco)
Let me start off by saying KOMIKON WOOHHH.
 This year's Komikon was exceptionally memorable because:

 *Wina and Trizha were part of Komikon!

Wina and her literary baby Mundane, Mundane.
(Photo by Jeff "Jepoy" Kristoffer Lualhati)
Jepoy's fangirl mode with Trizha Ko and her comic Confused
(Photo by Jeff Kristoffer Lualhati)

*Angie was able to hang out and derp with us at Komikon, so yay for sneaking out!

*Chengly and Christian's gay moments together. Wina, is it wrong for me to ship them in another life? XD

* It was Ram's first time to attend a Komikon event and I think he found his place in that world. He ended up buying comics and a Guy Fawkes mask (envyyyy nyurr. Your welcome, Ram).

*So compare my loot...

With Jepoy's loot:
Adik LOL. (Photo by Jeff Kristoffer Lualhati)
*Wina, Trizha, and I almost going Oppa Gangnam Style at their booth. I regret nothing!!

*Luigi bought a SuperMario Luigi hat from Komikon. And wore it. Like a boss.

Jepoy: "Let's talk about... Andre! Andre is a happy name, Andre is a name to say..."

Last Sunday was solely dedicated to exercise. It was running, tai chi, and arnis in one day. You can read all about it by clicking HERE. Our arnis trainer for the day was Jepoy. It was tiring and funny at the same time.


Source: via Joelle on Pinterest

Oh, hey. Nothing to see here.

And, I'm out.

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