Monday, October 1, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life # 8

   Finally bought a trading card holder for my ACEOs from the Japan Home Center store at Trinoma. P88 only. If you wanna be classy about it, National Bookstore also sells hardbound trading card albums. Smallest one costs P250.

My humble stash from National Bookstore: a roll of watercolor paper (P70) and some paintbrushes for detailwork for my future batch of ACEOs. I'm still gonna make more collage art cards but after that, it's off to experimenting with other styles.


We all know what a challenge this is. Every. Single. Damn. Day.


Last Friday morning, my mom and I went running with Jepoy. T'was my first time to run at a continuous, steady pace. Had great fun and it was exhilerating to challenge my body to another level. You can read about my experience here: Runner Newb.


Because let's face it, most of the time I don't have time for other people's crap.


Source: via Corey on Pinterest

So much revolution-esque feels lately for some reason. Maybe because of Anonymous Philippines hacking the BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or Central Bank of The Philippines) website last week? I dunno about you but I quite enjoyed that shenanigan. Plus, AP has good taste in music.


      Last Friday, Ram and I (accompanied by my mom) signed up for voice acting workshop at Voiceworx (under CreatiVoices Productions). I dunno why I forgot to take pictures of their office but I shall do that when I return there on Oct. 6. That's the date of the first session of workshops for Batch 22. P8k for 8 Saturdays. Each sessions lasts 2-3 hours, sometimes more depending on what is outlined in the course. It's a great investment the more we thought about it. The company has a lot of prominent clients- locally and internationally. We learn how to modulate our voices, how to dub, how to do voice-overs, how to voice act, and write scripts, just to name a few. For those who are interested, sign up ASAP because the next set date for the next batch is on January 2013!

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