Monday, October 8, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life # 9


McCormick should re-think their packaging. At first glance, I thought it was lotion or facial mask that was misplaced in the bread and spread section.

Had my hair colored at our local parlor coz my roots were growing out.


I originally wanted something redder and just a tad bit brighter but I guess this more subdued brown-red combination will do. Hoping it will lighten in a week or two.



Probably the biggest my name will ever be featured in a banner
  In case you guys were wondering, the talk I gave for this college in the province was a success. I think. I think I could've done better. Well, according to the organizers. The staff and students were lovely: accomodating, warm, and attentive.

 Since it was my first time to give a talk regarding that topic, I accepted cake in exchange for my efforts. Hey, I'm not quite qualified to talk about personality development but maybe in the future I'll accept more gigs like this and I'll eventually be more comfortable to state a talent fee.


Guys, can I just say how exhausted I was after talking for almost 2 hours. I can only imagine how my professors can deal with all this.

There was even a number trololol. 

    Christian linked Katrina Lumsden's review of 50 Shades of Grey on his Facebook. Apparently, her reviews of the series at went viral and I was dying from laughter less than halfway through her posts.

    I even linked the reviews on my mom's FB because I was sick of her friends recommending it to her, saying how GREAT it is (by great they mean they evidently haven't read actual books to make a comparison of how good or awful it is). God bless Lumsden's soul for making an honest and enlightening review. After my mom read the reviews, she was like "why are my friends reading this??" Guys, I'm totally ok with erotica and even BDSM if that's how you roll but if you're going to friggin' put something out in bookstores at least do your goddamn research. That's why we have interwebs.

Here are links to the entire series, including her blog post on the common arguments about the book.

K. Lumsden's review of 50 Shades of Grey
 The thing about the tampon haunted me for a few hours. WTF.

K. Lumsden's review of 50 Shades Darker
"Ana, you don't understand. It's so much worse than that. A concealed weapons permit means she can buy a concealed weapon. Concealed weapons are....invisible." NO FUCKING WAY. XD XD XD

K. Lumsden's review of 50 Shades Freed
Butt plugs. And assuming their baby likes sex. Ugh.

Fifty Shades of Bad Writing

"The elevator whisks me with terminal velocity to the twentieth floor."

Someone should shoot E.L. James' editor.


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