Thursday, October 4, 2012

Still Aliiive.

     Hola! Sorry for the lack of activity. Just finished giving a seminar in one of the colleges here in the province. My brain is refusing to work. I feel like my brain has turned to mulch after speaking for almost 2 hours. The school that I gave the talk to were accomodating and received my presentation well, so I'm quite happy. But exhausted. I had no idea that talking for that long could drain me of mental energy. I can only imagine how my professors can give 3-hour lectures.

 Will be going to Manila this weekend to attend my Voiceworx voice acting workshop. Tomorrow, I'll be having a pitstop at Pampanga to audition for this relatively new radio station. Basically a live 30-second audition delivering the news in front of the people who run it. I'm not expecting much to happen but it wouldn't hurt to try new things. I'm a little optimistic.

 Gruh. Just dying right now. Where did my brain go.

I shall now enjoy my scrumptious meal here in Cafe Du Marc.

What am I doing with mah life.


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