Sunday, October 7, 2012

Voiceworx: 1st session

Recording with Voiceworx director Brian Ligsay (guy at the PC)

  First day at the voice acting workshop (that I have mentioned in my previous blog posts). I suppose I can only describe the first session with one word:

 There were 13 of us in the room. Different personalities from different parts of Manila though what we mostly have in common is a.) we worked at a call center at some point in our lives and b.) we were intrigued with voice acting because of cartoons and animations. According to Pocholo Gonzales (one of our mentors) the youngest student they had was 14 years old and the oldest they had was 75. Some of their students even come from Baguio and Bataan.

 We started off the session introducing ourselves, the overview of voice acting, showing what we can do with our voices (e.g. singing, imitations) and getting our voices recorded so we could see the difference (assuming you have significantly improved) to see the progress during the last session. At first, we were tittering with anxiety and anticipation but as the session wrapped up, the energy and excitement in the room was palpable.

Some of the homework for this week til the last session is to:
a.) Not to consume any drinks above room temperature. That includes alcohol.
b.) Gargle saltwater (3 tbsps of salt to a glass of lukewarm water) twice a day. Gargling saltwater consistently is nasty business but oh well.

And apparently starting next week we have to avoid sweets. I'm tempted to stuff my face with cake and chocolate before the 2nd session but decided it wouldn't kill me to wean myself off sugar for the next following weeks.

I'm not sure how much details I'm allowed to disclose about the workshop. I shall give enough information, I think, just to give an idea of what's going on so that people thinking about taking up this workshop won't be so intimidated about signing up. For more details, click HERE for the Voiceworx (under CreatiVoices Productions) Facebook page.

Random note: Pocholo Gonzales and Brian Ligsay will be giving a seminar on Voice Acting at Benilde's SDA campus. For those Benildeans who want to check it out, it's a free.


  1. I've always wanted to try voice acting. :3 *checks out FB link*

    1. Oh noes, you should've told me earlier. After this batch, the next batch will start January pa.


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