Sunday, October 14, 2012

Voiceworx: 2nd session

Stairway to the office and training room.

The second session consisted of a lengthy discussion of the voice, tips for keeping your voice in tip-top condition, how to handle oneself in recording studios and the sound equipments that come with it (specifically, the microphones).

Some stuff to remember (and this ain't even half of what we learned):

When dealing with stuff like headphones and/or microphones- especially in recording studios- DON'T LUMPIN' TOUCH THE MIC. Condenser microphones range from thousands to millions and they're considered the sound engineers' precious babies. Even the old types of condenser mics With my experience recording at my family friend's studio and observing other recording studios, I'm a little too familiar with this. If you feel a little awkward with the equipment, ask the sound tech for assistance. Our mentor told us of a painful story of an artista who damaged a state-of-the-art condenser mic worth P2M after the recording session. Whether that person was completely ignorant or thinks microphones grows on trees, I wouldn't know.

Even with normal microphones- the ones we use in events, gatherings and such- DON'T drop, slam down, kiss (yes, you read that right), whistle, or tap it because DAMMIT people. Mics are damn expensive, even the ones you use at karaokes. I would know this because my family friend recommended I have my own mic during my performances and it's not a joke to shop around for a quality microphone. If a normal microphone with a cord is already relatively expensive for me, imagine what other quality, state-of-the-art microphones cost.

"Sound engineers are your gods." Simply because they have the power to delete. And blame it on technology. Keep your attitude in check and don't mess with their babies.

Just a few events the company is involved in.

"If you have salabat (ginger), give it to your enemies." - Brian Ligsay, 2012

No coffee. No dairy products. No cold drinks.

Our assignment this week involves practicing character voices of our choice and a lot of scriptwriting.

Voice box don't fail me now. Sore throat please go away soon.

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