Sunday, October 21, 2012

Voiceworx: 3rd session

    For the 3rd session, we focused on basic techniques to prep your voice for voicing different characters (which involves relaxation, tongue twisters, and a cork) so this was a particularly challenging session because we had to go up in front of the room, and in front of the condenser mic to record our character voices.

I think I would've enjoyed the session a lot more if I had enough sleep.

We each recorded:
-our favorite character (cartoon or real person)
- a radio ad
-a commercial ad

So my bro sat in. (Left)
Fellow batchmates
Not all at once, of course. When I was transcribing commercial and radio ads on paper in the local channels, I felt my IQ decreasing. I even had to bear through some telenovelas just to get my homework done (TV actor: "Buti alam mo na mahilig ang palaka sa tubig." Me: "How did this guy pass high school?"). Probably the only reason anyone can get me to watch Showtime is Vice Ganda. That's it.

   Time flies when you're having fun. I didn't even realize it was past 12pm until our mentor announced it. We started at 9am so go figure.

At least I've got a legit reason to watch cartoons and movies now. Muhahaha.

Sir Pocholo

Sample scripts

One of our awesome batchmates bought pichi-pichi for everyone. 
 I was quite sabaw after this session that I took a long nap... and woke up to Sunday morning. Next session, will be dedicated to... (drum roll)... dubbing.

 Can I just say that voice characterization takes up a lot of focus and energy. Loads of fun, but I shall remember to get a good sleep beforehand.

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