Monday, October 15, 2012

Voiceworx: Random Info

  1.The workshop is currently located in this ugly bright blue building at Dian St in Makati. You have to go inside the building's garage to get to the entrance. People with their own microbusinesses in the building are quite helpful and usually point out to you where you should go.
   So if it's you're first time there, there's a really HUGE chance that the first thing will come to you is apprehension and "is this the right place??" So just to clear up any confusions, most likely you're already there.They originally were located in Ayala when they started out ("Mayabang kami e."). They eventually ended up looking for a bigger place with affordable better rent after experiencing huge losses with the Ayala venue.

I shall take a picture next week so you guys know what the facade looks like, including the surrounding area.

2. The voice acting workshop is around P8k. On top of that, they recommend you buy their manual which is P300. It's an 8-session, once-a-week, 3-hours-a-session workshop (time will extend depending on what activity you're working on). Workshop is every Saturday. You can opt for the morning class or afternoon class depending on your schedule. This is actually a great investment because voice acting workshops in the U.S. are $2000+, and that's only for one session. According to our mentors, we are almost considered half-scholars if you're going to compare rates.

3. There is no age limit for anyone who wants to sign up. Their youngest student so far was 14-years-old. Oldest is 75.

4. If you sign up for the workshop with intentions of conquering a specific phobia (true story), please inform your mentors. We were told they had a student who had fear of microphones (the student didn't inform the mentors of this so they were unaware) and was so stressed out that he/she was hospitalized and had to drop out of the course.  Guys, if you know what official term is for fear of microphones, it would be great if you could drop it by the comment box.

Random info for now. Right now, I gotta work on my homework that involves watching cartoons and commercials. I'm not sure if I should be thrilled or not.

Homework help: Do any of you guys know any other popular Filipino voice actors aside from Brian Ligsay or Pocholo Gonzales? Those guys are actually my mentors so it doesn't really count in this assignment. Google ain't helping.

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