Monday, November 26, 2012

3 Awesome Things This Week

*Bonding with friends while seeing preparations for Remil's surprise romantic dinner for Ysa. I dunno, there were just so many trolololol moments:

-Ysa announcing that she'll grab dinner downstairs and all of us in the room were thinking "Nuuuuuuu what about the surprise dinner" and trying not to give meaningful looks at Remil.

-Chubs wearing a coat over his shirt and shorts, and finally informed Ysa that she and Remil had dinner reservations at "The Little Persian" a.k.a. Luigi's place. XD

- Luigi, Chubs, and Sam freaking out over the cheese they forgot to serve with the spaghetti. They were like:

- Chubs and Sam making milkshake from scratch. Emphasis on shake. Literally.

*Bonding with my li'l bro at the province over Big Bang Theory while eating Jollibee food.
Source: via Joelle on Pinterest

*I saw a flock of sheep grazing in a field while on my way to Manila. Sheep in this climate?? It was adorable though.

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