Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BLTX and Art Cards

"Starlight" art card by yours truly.

  I am positively thrilled for December because Wina asked if I wanted to sell some of my ACEOs/ art cards at the Better Living Through Xeroxography event coz her indie publishing press MoarBooks snagged a booth there. So I was like:

So awhile ago I was asking Wina about costs and pricing while trying not to have an anxiety attack about it because what if nobody likes my art cards? *Hides in corner muttering I'm so stupid.*

 Truth is, I have this slight seperation anxiety from my art works. Even if the art cards I'm selling are technically multiple copies from the original ones (while we're on that topic, I'm still deciding if I should include original art cards in the event), it's hard to let them go. Ah yes, BLTX takes place on Dec.7. Hope I'll see you guys there!


  1. 1) I'm sure people will like your art cards. ^^ /pets
    2) Separation anxiety. ;A; I know dem feels.

  2. sooo proud of you!!! ^_~ Where can I buy one (or two.. or more..Ü)


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