Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mundane stuff like shopping for men's shoes.

 Yesterday, my mom decided that my brother needed a new pair of casual shoes.

What should've been a simple task was a monumental challenge.  We couldn't find anything that would fit him  at Landmark in Trinoma (T'was not for naught: my mom and I bought these cute workout outfits) so we walked to SM North and scoured the department store at the men's shoes section.

 The amount of time spent just to buy him one pair- not to mention mall-hopping in between- is equivalent to me and my mom shopping for shoes and clothes in one mall. What is this absurdity.

 Overall, I'm quite thrilled my brother loves his new shoes and they fit him perfectly. Though helping him make a final decision before going to the cashier went like this:

Bro: Which looks better?

Me: The grey one. Though I also like the black one. Oh noes, I like them both! Wait, wait. I change my mind. The black one. But the grey one's sooo nice. Can't we have both? No, definitely the black one. Ooor the grey. I'll go for grey. Can you walk with both? OMG THE BLACK ONE. Wait, last na 'to. Grey nalang.  The grey is definitely better!

Aaaand I'm out.

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