Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Must-Watch: Wreck-It Ralph

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No seriously, spoiler alert. Don't read this if you haven't watched or if you're still planning to watch it. The film is pretty fuckin' awesome and it's one of those films you have to watch in cinemas.

Reasons why I loved Wreck-It Ralph:

*It felt like a Pixar movie.

*I love the unlikely friendship between Vanellope and Ralph.

*Sgt. Calhoun from Hero's Duty= totally intense girl crush. Personally, I think Jane Lynch did an excellent job as the voice actress.

*Oh GOD. Those heavy, heartbreaking moments when you're torn between helping someone achieve their dream and destroying their dream plus sacrificing the friendship because it's literally a life-and-death situation. The Catch-22 thing is just... SKLJDFKLHF. Then again, that King Candy was a friggin' brilliant villain to use Vanellope's "glitchiness" to emotionally manipulate Ralph.

* THE LAFFY TAFFY SCENE OMG. Guys, I will never look at Laffy Taffy the same way ever again. I will friggin' wait for a clip of that scene to come out on YouTube in the future, and I will friggin' listen to their singing AND I will sing that melody to people I ship or my couple friends. Just sayin'. Also, in a weird way I do ship Felix and Calhoun.

* I think what made this movie most appealing is not only because of the video game references but the animation. It stayed true to the different elements and movements of modern and old-school games.

*THE SOUNDTRACKS. In one of the scenes in the movie, my ears perked up. "Dubstep. Is that dubstep?" There are bits of techno, pop, and video game themes in all the right places.

*You know how in some great books or films you think you know how the climax will go and then there's suddenly a twist that throws you off and when you recall everything, it actually has been foreshadowed all the way til that point?? I was like "fuuuuuuuuuu..." 

I feel like Mushu when he thought Mulan was going to shoot the rocket at the enemy and instead she shot it at the mountain.

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