Monday, November 5, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life # 13

 I was with my mom at Starbucks at the ELJ building, a few days before Halloween and there was this trick-or-treat event for kids happening.

 I was particularly thrilled when this nanny walks in with her charges. A little boy dressed as Thor and his even younger brother dressed up as Capt. America. Kyaaaahhh~! My ovaries.

If only I had candy. :D


 My Marceline axe bass didn't make it for Lilt and Verve, not even for Halloween. On the bright side, I can definitely use this for the next Komikon! Muhahahaha. Thank you Angie for papier mache'-ing tips! Thou art brimming with awesome. And thanks Ram for taking on the challenge. I owe you tea.


Guess who had a chance to go to Enchanted Kingdom and mingle with runners at the Outbreak event? Technically, I was there to accompany Jepoy and carry his stuff and document his transformation to Joker.


Source: via Joelle on Pinterest

Edward be creepin' at your window.

If they casted Daniel Radcliffe as Bella, I wouldn't mind. At least he's better at conveying emotion.


 Last Saturday, Angie dropped by the condo. My brothers (blood and water) were there just derpin' and so they got to hang out. There were so many facepalm moments which started with this conversation:

Ram: Are you Chinese?

Angie: I'm 100% Chinese.

Older bro: *gasps*

Younger bro: Have you ever had a "C" in your grades??

Older bro: Are you studying to become a doctor or engineer??


On the bright side, if my bros are cracking those kind of jokes it means they're pretty comfortable with Angie.


  1. NYA! One of my older cousins was actually there during the Enchanted Kingdom Outbreak event haha. He went home with a few battle scars but he survived XD

    Your bros were pretty cool while I was there.(the Spratlys comment was kinda offensive though ._.;)

    1. Do forgive them. I do my best to tell them off about those kind of things.

      Also, I know I told you this but my mom says she misses you already. XD


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