Monday, November 26, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life #15

*I plan to make a couple of doodles and sketches for my sketch pad for my next batch of art cards. And maybe for a couple of paintings in the future. I miss painting on a big canvas.

"Sail" ACEO by yours truly


 A few weeks ago, I was in so much emotional upheaval because of certain life events. Then I decided to go back to writing in my journal and just bitchin' and bashing and letting it all out on paper. After that, I wrote down a couple of affirmations, began examining my options closely, and surrendered it to the angels. I mean, yeah, that doesn't mean I'm not gonna do my part. So far, I've been keeping myself busy and so far the opportunities for me has been on the creative side, so I'm grateful for that.

* Next Saturday will be my "graduation" from my voice acting workshop. We'll be at Red Box, stuffing our faces with the unlimited buffet, and singing our hearts out at the karaoke.


All the friggin' time.

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