Sunday, November 18, 2012


Nala and Charlie

 Back at the province, we adopted 3 puppies. We named them Nala, Charlie, and Khaleesi. They're breeds of unknown origin (a.k.a. askal) and they're pretty fun to have around after months of not having a pet around the house. Khaleesi doesn't have a picture here because that puppy was off sleeping God knows where. It's a fairly big backyard.

I picked Charlie from the litter because he's pretty shy and was the least excited and yappy among the puppies and only went near me when he felt the coast was clear. And yes, I named him Charlie after the protagonist from The Perks of Being A Wallflower. He's the most quiet among the pups but he's pretty playful around his littermates and he's quite smart.

Apprehensive Charlie is apprehensive.
Nala, on the other hand, is a little high strung, vocal about her feelings, and probably the most stubborn. But I love her all the same coz she's funny that way. Every time we have guests over, she'll squeeze herself inside the hole in the backyard that leads to the drainage ditch. With her tail sticking out from the hole, she'll bark as if the guest was inside that hole. LOL IDK.

Khaleesi is mischievous and likes stealing random stuff that she can get her hands- in her case, mouth- on to. She's probably the most playful in the litter though it's so adorbs when Charlie manages to bite her tail so she sort of drags him around.


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