Friday, November 9, 2012

Translating is TEH LULZ

  Well, not really. But there are funny moments when I just can't seem to translate some phrases properly because it might be out of context or just plain wrong.

With our translating powers combined...Sorry if this image is too huge. At least you have an idea.

My workshop assignment that involves transcribing and translating a five-minute clip into Tagalog is quite an experience because:

a.) The number of syllables has to be roughly the same number with the original script. You can exceed just a couple of syllables but remember that this is for dubbing purposes.

b.) Words/sentences ending with a,e,i must end with the same vowels in your translated script- though not respectively. Same rule applies to the vowels o,u.

c.) I have poor Tagalog skills. Seriously. I have trouble distinguishing words like "pinanganak" and "nagpanganak". For realz.

Brb. Translating a few scenes from 27 Dresses.

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