Sunday, November 18, 2012

Voiceworx: 6th and 7th Session

Watching a one-minute clip from Voltes V.

  Last Saturday, we had our mock dubbing session. Sir Peter gave us a seemingly simple activity for the day: each group will have a one-minute clip from a popular cartoon or anime', and it's up to us to pick the characters we want to dub. We have to make our own script for the scene and it doesn't need to stick to what's actually happening in the clip. We were given the freedom to do whatever with the story and even change the premise.

Brainstorming (and LOL-ing).
 My group had a clip from a Voltes V episode. And from there we just couldn't stop laughing. Hilarity ensued pretty much at that point and funny ideas and contributions just started flying out. From brainstorming til recording, even when we watched the finished product, the laughter kept rolling in. Even Sir Peter who was sound tech-ing for us was pretty much infected by our laughing (and kindly reminded us that when we're dubbing professionally, we have to get a grip on our laughter).

One of the few times we stopped laughing for a minute.
By the time the session was over, I was physically exhausted from all that laughing. It's not even the nervous kind of laughter- it's just plain non-stop OMG-what-are-we-doing-this-is-too-epic kind of laughter. I don't want to describe what happened because goddamit, we're gonna effin' post our work on YouTube next month after our graduation from the workshop.

Trolling the resident toddler.

I'm not even sure if we did a fantastic job with the mock-dub session but we sure hell enjoyed it.


The 7th session was most interesting and probably the most challenging. We had Alex Agcaoili from 8am to 2pm that day, plus we were mixed in with the afternoon batch because our mentor had an important engagement in the afternoon. We weren't sure how the session will go because there are usually just 10 or a dozen people for morning and afternoon sessions.

Acting exercises. Sir Alex at the right most, in white. Sir Pocholo trolling, left most.

   We did quite a bit of acting and the session focused more on emotions and subtext. It was loads of fun though I think it took awhile for us to relax and completely submerge ourselves with the activities. Sir Alex, thankfully, was extremely patient with us and was completely enjoying the entire process. I think that in turn helped us enjoy the different activities for the day even when it pushes us out of our comfort zone. He's pretty down-to-earth with his methods.

All about subtext.

I don't want to give away details of the exercises because I think the element of surprise is pretty crucial. Trust me, you'll survive. It's another great session though we wish we'd have an extra session with Sir Alex. Ah yes, it was his birthday that day too. Blessings and awesomness!

Ohmahgawd, last session next week. Dunno what to feel.

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