Sunday, December 9, 2012

BLTX and stuff.

 So I wasn't able to go to the Pride March yesterday (for disappointing reasons which is boring and maybe depressing) so my consolation for this weekend was reading all the indie works that I bought from the BLTX event last Friday. There were definitely more artists this time that they had to set up their booths outside the restaurant.

MoarBooks booth
 A big thanks to everyone who dropped by and bought from MoarBooks! We hope to see you guys again in   future events.

MoarBooks stuff. :D

  After we decided to call it a night and packed up, we went around EDSA looking for a place to have dinner or maybe a snack before we all go home (most of them live South). And we were saying the weirdest shizz because WE WERE SO HUNGRY. We settled for a 7-11 at a gas station.
 Trizha Ko accurately summed up our evening in this comic. John had a legit axe with him in the car (an actual axe, not the body spray). I'm the one sitting in the back seat in the middle. With glasses.

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