Monday, December 10, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life # 17

*Have I  mentioned lately that I love cats? CATS.

Exi the cat. Assumed mascot of the resto-bar, Exile.

Cuz fuq da powlees.

Mimi having noms.

*Extra snapshots from the BLTX event!

We need a bigger Ilyong's.

Outside the venue.

Buy our stuff! Buy our stuff!

LOL Wina water u doin.

* I am always glad that I don't have to go through this thing called diet.

* I'm thinking of maybe setting up a Facebook page for my art cards or an online shop where I'll also invite a few artist friends to sell their art cards too. Still in planning stages. Should be awesome.


  1. I love cats! I love to hug that sleeping kitty! So adorable <3

    xx Daphne of

    1. Exi's the most affectionate-slash-nonchalant kitteh who will jump on your lap when he feels like it. :D


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