Monday, December 17, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life # 18

*This is me when meeting new people:
What are people

 Went to an audition for a voiceover role. It was for a video game. We got to meet the other people auditioning for the role (mostly guys so LOL). I'm glad I got to meet awesome people! And by awesome, I mean people who really like what they do and they give it their best. Also, they're friggin' hilarious.

This is me when running into someone from high school:

  Like "Oh my God it's you from high school I'm having flashbacks of our crappy school now but hey how's life"

This is me running into someone I particularly didn't like in high school:

In my mind.
I hope to God I will never have to meet those bitches in high school.

This is my voice teacher's cat, Mimi. She's trying to stare into the depths of my soul. HEE. ♥


"Right now the whole world could call me ugly
So what, to you I'm not
You don't love me 'cause I'm beautiful
I'm beautiful 'cause you love me."

This song is fucking beautiful, guise.


  1. i love how you patch things up. good job!:)

  2. I have the same reaction when seeing someone from high school. Except I don't say hi, I usually run away. :-)

    1. That's usually the second thing that runs in my mind. It's like "fight or flight" when I run into someone in my high school days.


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