Monday, December 31, 2012

Notes From My Personal Life #19

* Byotch Magazine is looking for submissions: essays, stories, artworks, photos, etc for their first issue that'll debut on the 15th of January next year. I shall definitely be submitting. You guys should contribute too! There'll be a different theme each month, so don't forget to follow/bookmark this online magazine. :D

*Had our family reunion at the province on my mom's side on the 25th.
I think they were playing "the boat is sinking"

This is not even 1/4  of the clan.

The only thing I can say about it was that it was filled with so much Gangnam style that I swear I'd hurl myself off a balcony if I hear that song again. Our other clan members in states who also had their reunion somewhere in California uploaded a video of them dancing to Gangnam. I love Psy, but his song being overplayed like a gajillion times is just OMFG.

 It was tolerable though, coz my awesome cousins were there.

*I am still practically in The Hobbit haze. This is me while watching the film in the IMAX theater.
minus the laptop.


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