Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pants and Pencil Toppers

So Angie got me a Christmas gift: these awesome pants-slash-PJs that are ever so comfortable to lounge around in. You know those Victoria Secret sleepwear or silk PJs they sell in boutique stores? Screw those. I can wear these for days if it's possible. She got these from Malaysia so I was like "Nuuuuu I need more of these!!"

Le close up on details.

Hem design.

 My other lovely friend Ysa got me a blank, unlined notebook, and a pencil with a huge moustache pencil topper. It's so cray and awesome. Especially the pencil topper asdfgkl.

Do you like my moustache?
Oh yes, she also got me this cardigan hoodie which fitted me perfectly.

I will not model it because camera shy.
Now I feel loser-ish because I wasn't able to get them anything for Christmas. *Hides in corner*


  1. cool prints!! like to use it for DIY heheh :)

  2. All the fancy prints! Fun patterns are fun. ^^

    I has a present for you too, btw. I just need to see you to get it to you. XD


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