Thursday, December 20, 2012

Potatoes and Party

 I arrived extremely late at Angie's LARP (live action role-playing game) party so I wasn't able to catch the LARP part of it. Le sadness.

But here's a photo of our lovely party host-slash-gamemaster-slash-kitchen goddess, Angie.

Photo by Jonnah Dayuta.

I am glad that I still went despite missing a huge part of the fun. Dinner was fantabulous as there was pasta, ribs, and a heapin' bowl of mashed potatoes. I asked to help out in the kitchen with Angie. And let me tell you the process of making mashed potatoes was a hilarious group effort.

Not even half of the potatoes from the bowl.

Side comment from Angie: "technically, we'll be eating our own kind!"

Buttermilk for ze potatoes.

We had 4 guys working on one bowl at some point. That's my lovely friend Lorri in the blue wig.
I think at some point the guys were arguing that you're not manly enough if you can't mash potatoes or something.

Ribs getting ready. Mmmm.

 I'm not really too useful in the kitchen in general but it was nice for everyone to congregate in the kitchen and just, I dunno, derp around some more. They talked about what happened with the games, and I think the only time I'm thankful I wasn't there was when Raph discovered his douchey alter ego, RJ.  Not enough facepalms for his character, swear to God.


Dinner was fantastic. Just sayin'. We were all just:

Fooood, glorious food. Hi Ben!

 Since I haven't seen my friends for ages, I had a blast just gorging myself on the food while conversation went around. Sure, I wasn't able to LARP with them but after dinner we played several rounds of "Killer" (a sort of whodunnit game with playing cards), exchanged gifts, and well, played more Killer 'til it was time to go home. I'd post more photos but I've switched phones thus the crappier camera quality. I really need my own digicam at some point in my blogging life.

Anyway, I want to spread some love:

Thank you Ysa, Remil, and Raph for picking me up at Greenhills.
Thanks Angie for the lovely party and the great food.
Thanks Carlos, Lorri, and the others for dropping me off at my place. Hugs hugs hugs to you all.

Hope y'all have great Christmas parties to attend too. :D

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  1. Will you look at that picture with Carlos and Luigi being all romantic and me being just plain jealous

    Like wtf guys right in front of me really


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