Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rumor Has It. Not Really.

Note: I rarely divulge private matters in my life since it will just bore my audience to tears and I don't like drama but for this one, I will make an exception because I want to make a point- and maybe educate- people who have nothing special to do in their lives other than spread lies and gossip because it makes them feel good about themselves.

   There are very few things that piss me off in this life. One of them is littering because it's equivalent to someone dumping their crap in your house. Another would be the idiots in the government. Whatever they've been smoking, I don't want it. And then there's gossip.

 I hate tabloid/ celebrity magazines with passion. It's one of the most irresponsible forms of journalism to date. Oh wait, it shouldn't even be filed under "journalism." Let's just generalize it as "media."

 There's been gossip circulating amongst some of my relatives in the province (you know who you are) saying that my dad went back here in the Philippines without telling us coz he has another woman and that he has totally left my mom to raise and provide for us. (Background: my dad is working in states and lives with family members.)

 This isn't the first time that someone has spread perfectly false/odd/stupid rumors about my parents or my family. We're usually just "meh" and just let these medieval cretins live their pathetic lives. I find it extraordinary that these people are so keen to talk about us when they can do something more productive in their lives. Like, I dunno, focusing on their own flaws/their lives/ the complicated pursuit of happiness/ watching ShowTime.

Since people- especially those who are suppose to have your back but don't have any friggin' idea what it really means to be family- have so much free time to talk, I'm sure you have free time to read this:

 Spreading gossip about other people doesn't make you a better person. Spreading lies that involve other people's personal relationships just proves that you have no respect or dignity for yourself and others. You are as unreliable and irresponsible as your gossip, if not the act of gossiping. You're free to have your own opinions but you don't have any fucking right to make up stories just to make yourself feel better. I mean hey, we've heard stuff about you too but we don't waste our time talking about it to other people.

 When someone wants to talk to me about other people's personal drama that's obviously from the rumor mill and the sour grapes, my brain's just:

  You wanna know what my family and I talk about? Politics. Getting our careers on a consistent track. Who's gonna do the dishes next. School. Betting who among our siblings will get married first. Small and big dreams for the future and present. Food and health. We debate on sensitive issues like gay rights or religion. Existential things. Laugh about Adventure Time episodes and relive some hilarious scenes. Or bring up the funny thing we saw in the interwebs. If we talk about relatives, it's usually coz we find out someone's getting married, someone's pregnant, someone's died, or one of them plans to visit. We don't have time to dissect and judge their flaws and their choices. We just don't have time for that brain-damaging crap.

 And don't gimme that crap that it's in our culture to mind each others' beeswax. The flaw in that logic is that you're implying that people don't have the power to change. It's as if culture has taken over our free will or something.

If you want to know if the gossip is true or not, here are your options:
a.) Discuss it face-to-face with us over cookies.
b.)Mind your own goddamn business.
c.) Write everything about the rumor down on paper and shove it up your ass
d.) b and c

Words have power. Especially when they're amplified through gossip. Gossipmongers and rumor mills don't deserve to use this power.

BTW, my parents are very much in love with each other and are doing what they can to support us and our dreams so bugger off. My dad spent Thanksgiving in states and recently took his mom for a birthday brunch at a local cafe the other day.


P.S. My parents won't probably approve of this post.

P.S.S. I understand that there'll often be rumors and gossip about anything/anyone by anyone. The point of this blog post is that spreading gossip shows you have an IQ of a boulder

and that our "gossip culture" is a toxic trait that isn't meant to be glorified and undermines your credibility and relationships.

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  1. I feel you. *hugs* Take it from someone who always has rumors following her everywhere she goes, HATERS GONNA HATE. Also, I dunno if there is something wrong with me or it's my defensive mechanism, but I learned to love the gossip about me. It makes me feel popular. :)))


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