Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Same Love

Oh God. This music video is just beautiful. The song is about equality and freedom regardless of your sexual orientation and the video shows how the love of homosexual couples is just as beautiful as heterosexual ones. Love is love.

 In case you guys don't know yet, I support gay rights. The LGBT community is still being treated as second-class citizens but I'm quite optimistic for the future. One step at a time. I'll probably write a blog post about all my feels for gay people and their rights in the future.

Also, MoarBooks will be participating in the street bazaar at the Metro Manila Pride March in Makati on Dec. 8 (this Saturday guise OMG I'm EGGZITE). I shall be helping out at ze stall because a.)keeping myself busy keeps me sane and b.) I have gay friends and loved ones whose rights I want to support. So I'll probably make a sign or two showing my feels for them. Expect photos. :D

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