Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Behind The Scenes

We're a bit cray. With fellow EK performers (Stolen from Kierulf's Instagram lol)
 It's a little strange how life how my feels have gone from existential to circus-y. In a span of one week, I've gone from being a total interwebs bum to being a rocker chick and I suddenly have these new friends and a part-time job to boot. Extra spending money is nice but the fun part is the actual process of putting the entire show together in practically two days. How do you cramming, ohmyglob.

Costume department's a bit stuffy but magical.

Le costumes of cray proportions.

It's a nice kind of pressure to be with people who love doing what they do and striving- and struggling- to be better at what they do. You can't afford to be a drama llama (lest there's drama involved in the production) and you have to try and keep up with everyone. At the last day of rehearsals, nearly all of us were wearing sunglasses because we were all just so sabaw.

Earl and Gidget  (yes, they're girls- at this point we're all just trying to stay awake)
     Most of the singers in the musical already had some sort of performing experience on TV or stage. They've talked about the struggle of staying afloat in the industry, weaving through people and management who make such pretty promises and flattery but barely deliver on their word, people who just want money off your presence, and other politics involved in showbiz such as nepotism or reality shows that schedule auditions in provinces just to hype up the show but in truth they've already picked people in one of their talent pools. It's sad that the most talented people are marginalized. Personally, I think the challenge is more on how can one be recognized for one's actual talent and hard work?

Choreographers and dancers.

Anywho, it's not my first time performing onstage. However, it is my first time to be at rehearsals til the break of dawn (apparently, it's a norm in EK production) and to sing songs dozens of times with other singers til we get it right. Perhaps the most wonderful thing about rehearsals- and I've told my friends this so many times- it doesn't feel like work at all.

Studying our material.

   Sure, you'll probably be exhausted to the bone and then in the morning you're expected to be up and about coz transpo's at the pick-up area already (I practically just rolled out of bed and onto the floor come day of our first show), but in the end it's just... fun.

Halfway through rehearsals and stage preparations.

Plus it helps when you've got guys like these in your group. I call them Fangirl Bait because fangirls attack them like nuts after each show. And well, I can't blame them.

Kierulf and I derping backstage. Kierulf has a lot of posers in FB.

This is Rex. He has nice eyebrows. His weakness: milk tea.

Joshua a.k.a. resident Superman.

And these are the fabulous girls, Earl and Gidget (I call her Gadget, it's quite catchy). Earl has been around EK and other theme parks around Asia as a singer-dancer. She can dance like a mofo and has a drive of an Energizer bunny. Backstage, we'd ask her to rub off some of her energy onto us before the show starts. Gadget is the sweet little girl with the big voice. They're all just awesomesauce.

Earl and Gidget, Stolen from Kierulf's Instagram. Again. :D

And now some memorable quotes:

"Ang sarap mag-Tagalog."- Gidget, 2013
A quote she randomly quipped while we were fighting sleep and fatigue in the middle of rehearsals.

Gidget getting her face on before le show.

"Lapit lang ng Makati. Isang tumbling at split."- Rex, 2013
We were all discussing the possibility of hanging out somewhere except our addresses make it geographically challenging to meet halfway anywhere.
Getting ready backstage with the others. 

Honestly, I'm just dying for Saturday to come around.


  1. HURRAH FOR YOU,DEAR. :) Go dance and sing your way to your dreams :)

    1. I don't know about the dancing part but HELLZ YEAH thank you. :D


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