Monday, January 28, 2013


No offense to John Morley.

When all else fails, just doodle. I bought an old secondhand book from the book stall at Trinoma (the one near the entrance connecting to the MRT North Ave station, 2nd flr), not really knowing what I'm gonna do with it. After I doodle on a couple more pages, I'll probably just put gesso on the rest, paint over it or make collages of some sort. It helps get the creative momentum going. I have this need to get some creative play happening before I get started on serious play.

 Also, it's easier to doodle on book pages instead of blank ones. It's either coz I spent my boring times in high school doodling on the margins of my books or it's my way of artistic resistance to society's expectations. I dunno.

I need a cupcake.

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