Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Human Nature soap- finally!

   I haven't made a Human Nature post in awhile. So last December, I was thrilled when I went to a Human Nature branch in Pampanga and discovered that Human Nature had finally added soap in their production. In my 22 years of existence, me thinks that was the only time I ever got excited over a bar of soap.

Me in the Human Nature store:


All- natural sugarcane and coconut-derived ingredients. Bonus: cruelty free.

  The soap is gentle on the skin and effectively gets rid of the day's grime (OK let's say it together guys: libag) and what other unspeakable elements the skin was exposed too. It doesn't dry my skin and it's easy to rinse off. I love the fact it's not scented- or maybe I'm just biased because ever since I started using organic products, soaps and shampoos in the mainstream market assaults my senses with their synthetic ingredients and perfumes. Fun fact: it took them 2 years to develop this product, according to their website. I guess that's why it took them awhile. They're too cool for the usual synthetic (not to mention toxic) ingredients found commonly in soaps. Have you guys ever compared ingredients of your usual soap with other soaps? You'll read almost the same damn ingredients like  parfum, sodium lauryl sulfate, EDTA, etc.

 With all the profit companies make and the technology available today, it makes you wonder why on earth they're still using the same ingredients for years that not only endanger our health, but the earth as well.

 The teeny downside is that since it's natural soap, it can melt rather easily especially when constantly exposed to water. We've been natural soap fiends for years in this house so what we do is cut the bar of soap in 2 (or 3, depending on the size) and just place it on a dish soap away from the shower area after use. Stocking up works too when we've got extra cash. It's totally worth it.

Btw, you can also check out other Human Nature's products in their website: www.humanheartnature.com


  1. Love that the first ingredient listed is coconut oil. Maybe that's why it melts so easily? But damn I can already feel my skin so soft with that soap!

  2. Have you tried Ilog Maria? Their soaps and stuff are made from honey and beeswax. :D


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