Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kapal face time.

Just a few updates:

* I decided to make an FB page specifically for my artworks. Because I'm aware if my artistic skills aren't gonna go anywhere, I'm going to implode. Feel free to check it out! While I was setting the whole thing up last night, I was wondering where pictures of my older artworks went and at the same time I realized I have yet to update my portfolio. What kind of artist am I to not update my portfolio?? I've started researching some themes and I hope I can make a couple rough sketches before the end of the month.

*Here's the last cover song I've recorded recently. Do listen. I'd like to hear feedback. Silence makes me nervous in these cases. It'll be awhile before I can record more cover songs.

*Meanwhile, I just got back from Enchanted Kingdom. Totally thrilled that I got to audition for one of their shows that they'll be introducing in the park next weekend. Will make a separate blog post for that one.

*I feel like that the only way I can move through these existential feels is to not abandon my creativity and be patient. It's not even a question of money (though I do hope money can be a by-product of it), but more on how to make life more meaningful with my work. And my work involves art and music. What do.

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