Monday, January 21, 2013

Notes From My Personal Life #21: Start Me Up!

Aaand this is the reason why I haven't been online lately (Photo by Ros Mercado)

So this will be a bit of a long post but bear with me.

 After that weird night at Ortigas for a job interview at a call center (which I turned down even if I got in), I was a little anxious for awhile because I also talked about the common dillema of artists in the Philippine setting. It's either sell your soul or starve, or get a so-so job and then live paycheck to paycheck. It's unsettling.

 Last week, my friend Zack told me about an upcoming rock musical at Enchanted Kingdom. He's one of the staff there and asked if I wanted to audition. He's been listening to some of my songs at Soundcloud. At first, I was all LOL U SERIOUS DUDE. But I told him I'd just audition for teh lulz. If they'd like me, fine. If not, I'll probably just spend the entire week with Anne Hathaway's rendition of I Dreamed A Dream on replay.

Sunday afternoon, I made my way to EK. I think security was a little confused when they asked for my name and what my business was at the admin office. They were probably expecting a guy (because Joelle is a guy-ish name) because they had to blink at me before they said that I am indeed expected inside. I went in, auditioned after meeting some of Zack's coworkers and boss, and then they told me that I'm in. And I'm just like okaaaay cool.
Meanwhile, inside my head.
Wednesday night, I got to meet 3 of the 5 other singers to familiarize ourselves with the repertoire and song assignments. They're not lightweights with their voices, that's for sure. That evening was also the beginning of sleepless and grueling nights.

Thursday afternoon, was officially the first day of rehearsals with everyone. And by everyone, I mean singers, dancers, choreographers and musical director. We officially started from 5pm and ended at 1am. Got home around 3am.
    Friday afternoon, rehearsals rehearsals rehearsals. We had to cram more choreography, blocking, and then technical rehearsals, plus the costumes. It was grueling, it was intense, and according to one of the staff there, we probably had the shortest preparation in EK history. Also, what is sleep. We rehearsed from 6pm to 3am. Got home around 5am. Had to wake up Saturday morning at 11am for a final run through before performing the show to the crowd.

Photos by the awesome Ros Mercado

Saturday. Just one show because of the fact that we're gonna implode from the lack of sleep. It went great but there's definitely room for improvement.


Sunday. Finally, we go all out for the crowd.
Rockin' it with the group

Testosterone and talent onstage

Earl and Josh electrifying the stage *cue girls screaming- including me*

Rex wooing the crowd *cue fangirl screams on a higher decibel*

Kierulf and I trying to outshine each other. Mehehehe.

Photos by Isaac "Zack" Bulatao

 It helped that our boys definitely pulled in the female demographic (snicker, snicker). There was so much fangirl noises most of the time if not applauses. By the end of our last show, we tossed them to the screaming fangirls who were going crazy to get pictures taken with them.

It was like throwing bait at a sea of sharks. It was entertaining to watch them.


Image by EK Entertainment

So guise, if ever you're around EK on weekends, do watch our show. And don't be shy to approach us after our performance. We love performing and we appreciate feedback.

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